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Beautiful Short Drives from Granby, Colorado

Staying in Granby, CO, is great for so many reasons – the proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, the small town vibes and nice people, and the gorgeous surrounding areas. Plus, we saw FIVE moose in the three weeks we were there!

In order to see as much as we could, Rueben and I took a lot of drives around Granby and it was so worth the gas money.

We stumbled upon Williams Form Reservoir where we wish we had camped! It was so peaceful and lovely.

Look at the cute blue bus!

The drive to and from the reservoir was SO beautiful. I couldn’t get over how lush everything was.

The horses were almost magical looking.

In the same city of Parshall, we took a drive through Hot Sulphur Springs State Wildlife Area. We didn’t see enough of the area, but did get the quintessential ‘creek by the mountains’ view!

We had to jump over a tiny creek and got swarmed by mosquitoes, but it was worth it.

The drive from Granby to Idaho Springs is just so pretty. I know road trips aren’t for everyone, but trust me, you want to drive through Colorado. Roll down your windows, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the mountains.

This view!!

Like I’ve said before, small towns offer SO much for visitors, not only in town but in the surrounding areas. Look at maps and see what trails, reservoirs, and parks are in driving distance and check them out! You’ll never know what you might find!


Next up: beautiful Idaho Springs

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