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Pikes Peak and Our Drive to Colorado Springs

For my 40th birthday in May, Rueben got me some awesome hiking boots, and a weekend in Colorado Springs! That's all I wanted - some good waterproof boots (the ones I wore for this weekend in Colorado Springs were...not good) and to see more of Colorado. First stop - gorgeous Pikes Peak! First, I have… Continue reading Pikes Peak and Our Drive to Colorado Springs

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Another Incredible Sunset

After our beautiful hike in Lincoln National Forest, Rueben and I were driving back to Alamogordo and I realized the sunset was turning out to be gorgeous. Luckily were able to park at the perfect overlook to witness this amazing view. I wish I could find this overlook on the map, because it was perfect! I… Continue reading Another Incredible Sunset

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Seminole Canyon

A few weeks ago Rueben and I went on a tour of Seminole Canyon, about 30 min from Del Rio in Comstock, TX.  The state park boasts pictographs that date back 7,000 years! Due to the fact that they're under shelters that people lived in, the pictographs are still visible after all this time.  "The Maker of… Continue reading Seminole Canyon