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Mount Evans – Part 2!

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

The second part of our trip to Mount Evans is dedicated to the descent. Witnessing the seemingly endless mountains from 14,000 ft up is truly magical.

We took a short walk on this path and wow; I can’t believe this view. Looking back at these photos from Mount Evans a year later, it reminds me of how at peace I feel when I’m in nature. I’m happier, calmer, and more myself when I’m in a beautiful place with no traffic noise, just peace.

Another adorable marmot!

As we were driving towards the base of the mountain, I saw a lone marmot while and made Rueben pull over so I can take pictures of it. I wasn’t close at all, but he could hear me coming and didn’t stick around very long!

Echo Lake from way up

Needless to say, we truly enjoyed Mount Evans, and yes – Rueben loved it!

What gives you peace? Is it mountains and trees? Palm trees and the beach? A book and a cup of tea? I’d love to know your ‘zen’ place!

Next up: another amazing hike – Saint Mary’s Glacier!


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  1. You’re a lucky girl to be able to experience so much of the worlds wonders. Keep sharing them with us ❤️

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