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Garden of the Gods and Bighorn Sheep in Colorado

After going to Pikes Peak, Rueben and I got some amazing Thai food, went shopping, and went to our first pub in over a year! It was super nice treat for both of us, and a really great birthday. The next day we went to Garden of the Gods, which if you haven't been, is an… Continue reading Garden of the Gods and Bighorn Sheep in Colorado

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We Made it to Colorado!

When Rueben and I started RVing in June 2020, we talked about where we wanted to go, and Colorado was my first choice. When I turned thirty 10(!) years ago, I took a solo road trip to Colorado and as cheesy as it sounds, it changed my life in so many positive ways. I fell… Continue reading We Made it to Colorado!

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Seminole Canyon

A few weeks ago Rueben and I went on a tour of Seminole Canyon, about 30 min from Del Rio in Comstock, TX.  The state park boasts pictographs that date back 7,000 years! Due to the fact that they're under shelters that people lived in, the pictographs are still visible after all this time.  "The Maker of… Continue reading Seminole Canyon