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Seminole Canyon

A few weeks ago Rueben and I went on a tour of Seminole Canyon, about 30 min from Del Rio in Comstock, TX.  The state park boasts pictographs that date back 7,000 years! Due to the fact that they’re under shelters that people lived in, the pictographs are still visible after all this time. 

“The Maker of Peace” by Bill Worrell

Luckily for us, the two groups that had also reserved tickets for this tour (max 10 people per tour) didn’t show up, so it was just me, Rueben, and our tour guide! PERFECT for social distancing.

You can see markings on the rock where knives and other tools were sharpened.

Look at how the feet are angled – the artist is showing that they were in a circle.

This is the ‘bathroom’ area.

The holes in this rock are made by people grinding foods and spices.

Not sure if they’re javelinas or hogs, but look at the little babies!

It’s amazing to see and to think about how people lived so long ago in this area, and how differently it may have looked. Seminole Canyon is definitely a great stop if you’re in the area!

About a mile from Seminole Canyon is this beautiful view of the Pecos River. The Pecos River High Bridge is the highest highway bridge in Texas.



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