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Albuquerque, Amarillo, and a New Truck!

Once we left Water Canyon and Very Large Array, we decided to spend time in a bigger city where we could find a truck, or at least leave our RV in a safe location while we went elsewhere to buy one. So, Albuquerque was our next stop! The drive there was pretty beautiful. We stayed… Continue reading Albuquerque, Amarillo, and a New Truck!

Experiences, Texas, Travel

Seminole Canyon

A few weeks ago Rueben and I went on a tour of Seminole Canyon, about 30 min from Del Rio in Comstock, TX.  The state park boasts pictographs that date back 7,000 years! Due to the fact that they're under shelters that people lived in, the pictographs are still visible after all this time.  "The Maker of… Continue reading Seminole Canyon