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Rocky Mountain National Park – Part 1!

When we booked our stay at River Run RV Resort in Granby, we chose it to be close to Rocky Mountain National Park - and wow were we close! We were about 15 miles from one of the entrances, so we got to go to the park twice, which was so awesome. We also got… Continue reading Rocky Mountain National Park – Part 1!

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Del Rio, TX Appreciation Post

I grew up in Del Rio, a town of about 40,000 people on the border to Mexico. My family and I would go to Mexico to eat at restaurants (Los Tacos Grill!) and shop, and in high school I would go with friends to the bars. It's not the most exciting town, but we do… Continue reading Del Rio, TX Appreciation Post

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Seminole Canyon

A few weeks ago Rueben and I went on a tour of Seminole Canyon, about 30 min from Del Rio in Comstock, TX.  The state park boasts pictographs that date back 7,000 years! Due to the fact that they're under shelters that people lived in, the pictographs are still visible after all this time.  "The Maker of… Continue reading Seminole Canyon