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RV Life and Del Rio’s Lake Amistad

We’ve been living the RV life for about five months now, which, wow! Honestly, it’s so great. In the evenings we’ll sit outside and look at the stars, and the galaxy(!), and say wow, we are lucky to be able to do this. To go where we want, when we want, still be able to talk to loved ones, and work all at the same time.

As much fun as it is, it is a lot of work. There’s constant maintenance (if we’re boondocking or dry camping, finding water and filling up the fresh water tank, emptying the grey and black tanks, running generators), a LOT of planning (where are we staying? can we dump our tanks there? will we fit?), and tight quarters. We got a smaller RV which is totally enough space for the two of us, but sometimes you want a separate room that you just don’t have…haha

The floorplan of our Jayco Jayflight 145RB

I have to give a huge shoutout to my fiancĂ©, Rueben. He did most of the work on the RV and we couldn’t have gone these last five months without all of his research and effort. He installed a break controller in our Jeep, a huge hitch and sway control on the trailer, three fans, did ALL the research (which was extensive!), and figured out what to buy. Owning an RV is no joke, and he has done such a great job!

This rug really ties the space together…Solar power! We charge pretty much everything with solar!

So, our second RV stop was my hometown of Del Rio, TX. I hadn’t seen my parents for more than just lunch in seven months, so it was so great being able to spend two months with them. We had an amazing time hanging out, playing cards, and making dinner almost every night.

We stayed at Hidden Valley RV Park that’s in town and close to the Val Verde Winery. The park is at the end of a road that we took many walks down, super quiet, and really green, which we loved. We saw many deer on our walks!

This lone palm tree always made us laugh

Due to the pandemic, Amistad Lake was closed for awhile, but we finally got to go one afternoon and it did not disappoint!

Take a look at the great day trips we took while in Del Rio – Seminole Canyon and Marathon, TX.

Spending those two months getting used to RV life and relaxing with my parents was beyond great. Now it’s on to New Mexico!

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