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Garden of the Gods and Bighorn Sheep in Colorado

After going to Pikes Peak, Rueben and I got some amazing Thai food, went shopping, and went to our first pub in over a year! It was super nice treat for both of us, and a really great birthday. The next day we went to Garden of the Gods, which if you haven’t been, is an amazing National Natural Landmark!

Magpies! These beautiful birds are everywhere.

We drove to the Mesa Overlook, which…wow. I had come to Garden of the Gods 10 yrs ago, but did not experience this overlook. I’m so glad we did because it was amazing.

The rocks are conglomerates of red, pink, and white sandstones and limestone, and pretty fun to climb!

We drove further down and actually sat in traffic for a bit. Since we didn’t get to Garden of the Gods until about 11AM, it was already packed. I think people that were looking for parking were also watching these guys!

EIGHTEEN big horn sheep just hanging out, enjoying the day. This is a normal spot for them to laze and there are signs up warning people not to go over the fence. It was really really exciting for me to see so many of them, even though they were just sitting around!

Since there were so many people around, we decided to drive around instead of actually walk, which was slightly disappointing but still beautiful. All of these photos were taken from inside our truck.

Even though we didn’t get to walk through Garden of the Gods, it was still such a gorgeous stop, and I’m really glad to have ‘introduced’ Rueben to this place!

Next up: Another amazing drive through Colorado!

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