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White Sands National Park!

Driving from Whites City to Alamogordo, NM is really amazing. It’s desert, then a national forest, then more desert, then white sand! I love seeing different topography while traveling. I geek out about what animals are common in the area, and what new plants I can spot.

While in Alamogordo, we went to White Sands National Park, which is gorgeous. I didn’t think we would spend too much time there; I mean, how interesting can sand be? But, we ended up spending three hours driving around, exploring, and just being in awe of how beautiful the views were.

We went midday and while there were other people at the park, everyone was spread out enough so that we didn’t feel uncomfortable. There are a couple of marked areas to read information, and we made sure to wear masks and keep away from others in those more populated areas.

I LOVE these shots. I’ve always wanted to take true desert shots, and I finally got to!

Can you see the sparkles in the sand?

These ladybugs made my day. There were so many on these plants, and I loved being able to get somewhat close to them and document this bright pop of color.

Look at this white lizard! His species evolved and gained a white color in order to survive in the white sand. Pretty amazing.

These picnic areas are adorably retro, and practical – they block the wind so you can eat without getting a mouthful of sand.

I love these movement lines from whatever lives in this hole. We didn’t stick around long enough to find out…but we did run into this guy.

I was incredibly excited to see my first tarantula in the wild!!

If you are ever in the area, definitely make White Sands National Park a stop in your travels. It’s completely worth it!

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