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Hiking in Lincoln National Forest, NM

When driving from Carlsbad Caverns to Alamogordo, NM, you drive through desert, then forest, then desert again, and then White Sands! I love trees, so I was really excited to go back to Lincoln National Forest and go for a hike. It did not disappoint!

Mexican Canyon Trestle built in 1897

The views were spectacular! The weather was perfect, and we loved that we were pretty much the only ones on the trail.

The elevation kicked our butt, honestly. We’re from Texas where the elevation is 650 ft above sea level, and this trail is at about 9,000 ft! Being able to see the mountains in the distance was so worth it, though…

We surprised two playing squirrels and laughed so hard at their reactions! I tried to get the running squirrel in action as best I could!

Chasing sunset…we weren’t sure we were going to make it!

Hiking in high elevation is tough and we stopped to catch our breath a lot, but it felt so good to be doing it, and be surrounded by such beauty.

Also, we saw elk on our drive back!

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