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Life’s a Beach! Kind Of…

In January of this year, we decided to be fancy and stay on the beach for the month! We headed to Bolivar Peninsula, which is a ferry ride away from Galveston. We stayed at Lazy Pelican RV Park which is just two blocks from the water, and has free laundry service – amazing!

The beach in winter is beautiful – cold and windy, but beautiful! It’s nice to not be surrounded by a ton of people on the beach, but it was also kind of strange with all the rental properties empty.

Luckily the birds were out in full force. I love seeing the different types of gulls, and what I believe are killdeer.

There’s even a little creek next to our RV park which, granted, is beautiful, but wow the bugs! Rueben literally had a cloud of huge mosquitoes over his head, and we had to quickly open and close the door every time we went inside. It was insane!

While staying in Bolivar Peninsula was super peaceful, it was also a little too quiet. We weren’t going out to restaurants still, and besides walking around the windy beach, there wasn’t much to do. So, we would take the ferry into Galveston pretty regularly. It was pretty fun being on the ferry in our big truck and watching all the birds follow the ferry.


I love cormorants

Galveston itself is a cute city. We got to do any shopping we needed (there isn’t much on the peninsula), and see more wonderful sunsets on the beach. We normally stay in small towns while traveling; we want to stay away from a lot of people during Covid, and we really like the small town feel. Being close to a big city is important, however. We want to make sure that we’re close to medical facilities, shelters (we went through a rough storm and didn’t know where to go if we needed to), groceries stores with the food we want, and shopping for anything we need – Best Buy and Target are faves!


Next up – more amazing birds, including pelicans diving into the water!

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